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Peter Will Make Your Temp Rise

This site is straight from the hot gay pornstar Peter Le. The site was a solo site featuring Peter at one point, but now it features a ton of hardcore gay material. There are loads of East Asian jocks that you’ll find but there are white, black, and Latino men featured too. These hot studs love showing off for the camera and are always eager to put their talents to work. If you join today you can use this Peter Fever discount for 60% off

Subscribers are going to be able to view all of the HD videos that the site offers as well as being able to view all of the photo galleries that are on the site. The galleries are packed full of stunning high-resolution still images. You will be able to stream or download without having to worry about site restrictions. I had no problems navigating the site and used the search tools to help narrow down the videos I was searching for. If you appreciate hot Asian men, this is the site for you.

He’s Been a Very Bad Boy

We all have a bit of a soft spot for bad boys, or should I say a hard-on for them. Maybe we don’t want to settle down with one for cuff season, but let’s be honest, most of us have had our hearts broken by one or twenty of them over the years. But regardless of how toxic they can be in our personal lives, they definitely deserve a place in our spank banks.

My favorite site to get my naughty boy fix is Young Perps. Here you see sexy little lads who are caught shoplifting getting some hardcore punishment from security. OK, I know what you’re thinking, shoplifting isn’t exactly the type of bad boy criminal that you typically think of, but just go with it because the punishment is so fucking hot.

With this 83% off discount to Young Perps, you will be treated to their entire collection of explicit videos. You’ll also be happy to know they have a consistent update schedule to ensure you always have something hot and nasty to look forward to!

I’d Be Cocky Too

I am pretty sure Cocky Boys’ name is just a cheeky spin on the fact that they’re gay boys with big cocks. But to be perfectly honest, if I were hung like these fellows, I’d be pretty damn cocky about it too! Not that I’m small, I’m just extremely average. Look, we’re not here to talk about my cock anyway. Trust me, you’d rather have your go at the hot fucking men they find to star in their videos any day of the week!

Take this up to 58% off Cocky Boys discount, add in a little free time for self-pleasure, and you have yourself the recipe for a faptastic afternoon, or morning, or evening, you know-whenever the need may strike! But I am warning you when you see these horny hunks going at it in hardcore scenes, that need may arise more often than you’ve ever thought possible!

There’s a massive collection of amazing scenes, and they continually add to it, so it can be a little difficult to keep up. But just make sure you stock up on lube and prepare to give your own cock some attention as you see these sex gods use theirs!

My Dirty Little Secret

Let me start off by saying I’m married- to a woman. *Gasp* I know, I know. What the fuck am I doing here, right? Well, what can I say, I like what I like. And late at night, when my wife and kids are having their heteronormative dreams, I sneak into the den to feast my eyes on all of the gay porn that my cock craves.

With this discount for 73% off, I’m able to get tons of gorgeous manly specimens to get me off all night long, and the price is so low, and the billing so discreet, my wife has never once questioned it.

When I was a teen my friends and I used to watch straight porn together and jerk off. I just found that sneaking glances at my mates was far more exciting than anything on the screen. That’s still what I’m doing in a way, living my life, but loving this thrill of sneaking glances at big fat cocks while I get off, and hoping I don’t get caught doing it!

The Ultimate Site to Share with my Bros

What’s a bro to you? For me it means someone who has your back, who isn’t going to let you miss out on a party or a good time, and who doesn’t compete with you, just tries to share in their good fortune. I strive to be a good bro, and that’s why I’m sharing this with you today.

I found this amazing offer that allows you use this discount for 73% off, and get in on a huge site of gay porn for less than half of what other chumps pay. I had to get on and share that with my bros, obviously!

Not to mention, the good times are here to be had by all. For one, the sex is hardcore. The men are hot as hell. The quality is superb.

If you want to talk quantity, with over 15,000 scenes, and thousands of full DVDs for the price of one, not to mention exclusive regular updates, I think it’s fair to say that you’re pretty much guaranteed to get off more here than you thought possible.

As you can see, only a true bro would hook you up with such an amazing deal. Now go check out these dudes helping each other out in the sexiest ways possible!