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Month: June, 2012

Different gay guys and their professions

So, gay guys have to work, because we know that their big gay cocks won’t give them money (well, actually for some guys it does). But anyways. We managed to interview two police guys that are, totally. Gay. And they told us how do they manage to fix their horny problems when they are alone. They are always armed, they carry their heavy cock anywhere, sometimes they alo have a gun… The other guy is a construction-area manager, he said he loves to fuck his hot co-workers, because trust me, you can find gay guys anywhere.

Gay guys fucking in the kitchen

Are you prepared for some cooking lessons today? We’ll give you some. Those two guys will teach us how to prepare a nice lasaña— no I’m kidding. They will teach us how to fuck in the kitchen, thats right. Those guys told us how they make use of everything they can while in the kitchen. They stripped their clothes very fast and they went to a horny mood. After exposing their big gay cocks, the bald gay guy did a nice blowjob. And later on he took it deep on the oven, well no. Ass.