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Gay Sex Brought To Life

I’ve always thought I was gay or at least had gay tendencies. I’m not at the point where I’m ready to experiment with an actual man yet, but I’ve been watching gay porn lately to see what kind of effect it has on me. When I came across this VRB Gay discount for up to 73% off I thought it would be the perfect tool for my experiment. Virtual Reality allows you to trick your senses into believing you’re the one in the porn getting all the attention. This puts you as close as modern technology will allow you to experience the real thing. 

Logan Moore, Alex Mecum, Micah Brandt, Jeffrey Lloyd, Dom Ully, Zander Cole, and Jamie Oliver are just a few of the stunning male specimens you’ll get to imagine fucking at this site. Watch as giant cocks taunt you in 3D and the binaural sound brings the dirty talk and moans directly to your ears adding to the illusion of realism. Even if this site is as close as I ever come to fucking another man, I’ll be more than happy.