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Straight Men Give Ass for Cash

Personally, the gay for pay niche isn’t one of my favorites. I like to watch guys who are fully into the fucking and loving every aspect of it. I know it isn’t that way for everyone and some guys really enjoying watching straight boys take it up the bunghole for the first time. If you are one of them, then today’s post is for you.

The men behind Bigstr like finding fresh prey on the streets of the Czech Republic. Armed with cameras and quite a lot of cash, they head out to public places looking for hot boys who look like they could do with some money. These public pick ups feel pretty bold. I don’t think I’d ever have the courage to try something like this. Of course, that is part of what makes porn so great.

The guys make their proposal and then either drop pants in a secluded outdoor spot or take their newly bought boy toys back to their home. After a bit of cock sucking and breaking in of butthole, the money is dropped and the sex objects are made to pick it up.

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Going Commando in Loose Pants

My sister used to date this guy named Rick. The rest of the family called him “Rick and his dick” when out of earshot. He always wore either sweat pants or gym shorts. They were loose material, and it was apparent he was going commando underneath them. Like, really obvious. It was fodder for a lot of jokes when my sister wasn’t in the room. It also started to become a little uncomfortable though because I was finding myself getting attracted to him. I was curious about that prominent cock. I was somewhat relieved when my sister dumped him. is running a Guys in Sweatpants discount for 29% off now, and I signed up. It brings back memories, and I can jerk off to the guys on the site without guilt. They are a lot hotter than Rick, and they are entirely into gay fucking.

I especially enjoy the “Extras” and watching the chats with the models after seeing them in hardcore bareback videos. The profile pages are nicely done as well.

Big Dick and Network Access

Graduation was a week away and then I’d take the summer off before starting college. Vince was going to enlist in the Marines. We had just become friends that year and everything had seemed normal until that day in his room. He told me his mom thought I was gay, and then he asked me if she was right. I told him I didn’t want to talk about it. He asked why I hadn’t fucked my girlfriend yet and said that if I wasn’t going to, he’d be happy to do it for me.

Then he put on a porn DVD and pointed to the girl. “Does she turn you on?” he asked. He waited a couple seconds, then undid his pants and brought out his hard cock. “Or does this?” He squirted on some lotion he had on the table and started stroking himself in front of me.

I asked him what he was doing and got flustered. He could see I was hard and asked if it was because of the porno or his dick. I was beet red and stuttering, trying to act mad, but he wasn’t buying it.

“Just take out your dick and jerk off. I’m already doing it.” He watched. “Just fucking do it. It’s no big deal.”

I finally gave in and brought out my cock. He laughed and said his was bigger. It was true. His cock was huge. He sat down next to me and put my hand on his dick and then started stroking me. We were jerking each other off while he was watching straight porn. We came on each other’s hands. He called me a faggot and we never spoke of it again.

Big cock frequently reminds me of him though and I wonder if he is still a Marine.

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Twinks Getting Assholes Stretched

A well-hung twink is a sight that never fails to make an impression on me. In fact the smaller the guy is, the bigger his hard cock often appears. I cannot help but look hungrily every time a view like that is in front of me. Perhaps even more impressive is watching a twink getting his tiny asshole stretched by big gay cock. Inside of, you will find a lot of all of that.

When I watched little gay butthole being fisted while dick was sucked, I was already hooked. When I later saw two guys burying their erections deep in the same asshole at the same time for intense DP porn, I was blown away. This site is right up my alley and delivers on all of the things I love so much about gay porn.

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Sexy Queers With Big Dicks

You want to see an amazing cock that’s spent some time in tight little assholes? Check out Big Cock John. He’s a friendly guy that’ll talk to just about anyone and his dick is fucking huge and amazing. He was first mentioned on the blog: Heat Wave Men back in 2013. Of course, you can check out even more big gay cocks over there.

You’re going to find lots of stuff; surprisingly, you’d think twinks wouldn’t be packing much, but I saw a couple of French Twinks with huge rods you’d never guess were there if you didn’t see the bulge. Naturally, there’s lots of muscled men that are smooth or furry, tattooed and pierced or with virgin skin.

Amateur boyfriend nudes show off some impressive cocks there too. You never know when you’re going to find a diamond in the rough, and by ‘diamond in the rough’ I mean a big, glorious dick in a pool of sexy amateurs. You know the finds I’m talking about. Have a look around for yourself and check out some of those meaty gay cocks!

Dominic Ford: Muscled Men & Hard-Bodied Twinks

It’s too bad there aren’t any bonus sites that come along with the deal, but once you check out this Dominic Ford discount review, I think there probably won’t be much more you could really ask for. There’s over 300 of the hottest studs on this site and you’re not likely to find most of them anywhere else. The bodies here are hard, the cocks are hung, and you won’t be disappointed with the hardcore fucking going on in over 300 videos.

Sexy dudes with tats, ripped muscles, and even smooth-bodied twinks await you here. There’s a nice variation of guys and they’re doing it all, sucking, rimming, fucking, threesomes, and group sex. The real stars of the show though are their manly, hung dicks. You’re not going to find more perfect rods filling up holes anywhere else.

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Watch some smoking-hot, muscular black dudes get their cocks rock hard and lick and suck each other like there’s no tomorrow. You’re going to get a lot of amateur guys here, but the quality in general and in video is pretty good. There’s some solo masturbation and threesome action happening, but mostly it’s guy-on-guy scenes. You’ll see black-on-black, but there’s some hot interracial stuff too.

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Huge Cocks for Your Enjoyment

I know some men say size doesn’t matter, but let’s be honest, I’m not going to fuck your personality. When it comes to my men, I want them to be well-hung and rock-hard. That’s exactly what you’ll find here; and with this 67% off discount to Extra Big Dicks, you’ll keep cumming back for more.

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