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Personally, the gay for pay niche isn’t one of my favorites. I like to watch guys who are fully into the fucking and loving every aspect of it. I know it isn’t that way for everyone and some guys really enjoying watching straight boys take it up the bunghole for the first time. If you are one of them, then today’s post is for you.

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My sister used to date this guy named Rick. The rest of the family called him “Rick and his dick” when out of earshot. He always wore either sweat pants or gym shorts. They were loose material, and it was apparent he was going commando underneath them. Like, really obvious. It was fodder for a lot of jokes when my sister wasn’t in the room. It also started to become a little uncomfortable though because I was finding myself getting attracted to him. I was curious about that prominent cock. I was somewhat relieved when my sister dumped him. is running a Guys in Sweatpants discount for $10 off now, and I signed up. It brings back memories, and I can jerk off to the guys on the site without guilt. They are a lot hotter than Rick, and they are entirely into gay fucking.

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Graduation was a week away and then I’d take the summer off before starting college. Vince was going to enlist in the Marines. We had just become friends that year and everything had seemed normal until that day in his room. He told me his mom thought I was gay, and then he asked me if she was right. I told him I didn’t want to talk about it. He asked why I hadn’t fucked my girlfriend yet and said that if I wasn’t going to, he’d be happy to do it for me.

Then he put on a porn DVD and pointed to the girl. “Does she turn you on?” he asked. He waited a couple seconds, then undid his pants and brought out his hard cock. “Or does this?” He squirted on some lotion he had on the table and started stroking himself in front of me.

I asked him what he was doing and got flustered. He could see I was hard and asked if it was because of the porno or his dick. I was beet red and stuttering, trying to act mad, but he wasn’t buying it.

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Big cock frequently reminds me of him though and I wonder if he is still a Marine.

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So my boyfriend left me a week or so ago and rather than harp on about it I’ve moved on and life simply has never been better. I’m not sure why I put up with his daily bullshit for so long to begin with. He was constantly telling me my cock wasn’t really doing it for him, he said something about needing a huge gay cock to really pleasure his ass deep.

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I’ve been watching gay porn for quite some time now and it’s always nice when I find really good gay sex discounts. Often times when I do come across a deal it’s for a site that has such poor quality I wouldn’t watch it for free. Other times the sites are bland and don’t offer much in the way of variety. Viewers won’t have to worry about that here.

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